The Droppers

20612 E Amapola Ave
Orange, CA 92869

Joe Puccio
Phone: (714) 321-2059

The Droppers refuse to be your typical cliché band. They don't just want to be the music playing in the background of life. They want to capture your heart, mind, and soul with their melodies.  The members want to inspire and connect with their audience on a level that has never been felt before. They believe in the intense power of their music and feel that you will as well. Joe Puccio (Lead Singer) was once quoted "Our songs are powerful because they are raw. Our songs come from our lives, true experiences, and emotions. Every lyric has a meaning. We don't use words for the sake of creating a song, or to 'just make it fit.' We use them to communicate and convey emotion... to connect." "Their music will deliver a message to you that you will understand. Their motto is the title of their debut CD. "Live For Today." Ramsey Sindaha (Lead Guitarist) states, "We realize that we will be laying 6 feet under much longer than we are on top of this glorious planet. So we are just trying to live for fun and not the long run." That statement really touches base with most people. It's a true reflection of how each member lives their lives. Each of which is extremely dedicated to what they do, and they enjoy doing it to the fullest extent.
Year Established:
Event Types:
Conference, Convention - Trade Show, Corporate Event, Marketing - Promotional, Meeting, Performances, Private Party, Wedding
Languages Spoken:
Guitar Players
Rock Singers
Current Booked Schedule is available on our website and we are always available.
Pricing Information:
500-5000 depending on the venue, length, Number of members required etc. the the Droppers can be a 2 Guitar and Vocal act to a 6 piece full band.

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