A Sound Plan

7406 Hastings St.
Springfield, VA 22150

Paula Adkins-Boyland
Phone: (571) 232-8150
Fax: (703) 229-6303

I've been a professional DJ since 2001 and pride myself on being fluent in many musical genres. One of the many parts of a wedding that I truly enjoy is that I'm often called upon to play music for every member of the family from young to old.

Of course, playing the right song at the right time is important and takes practice and skill. Softer, romantic songs that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and ages work very well during dinner and then gradually I'll pick up the pace and energize the crowd to get up and dance. I enjoy the challenge of making it all appear seamless and natural. I'm normally low key because I feel it's my job to make the bride and groom shine - not me. I take great care to make introductions and announcements sound very professional - but for couples who like things more playful, I love to help out with any games or line dance lessons along with encouraging the dancers.

All of my equipment is 100% pro quality. 450 Watt QSC Amp, Electro Voice speakers and Sub woofers, Gemini mixer, dual CD player, laptop computer loaded with 60,000 songs of all types (going back to the big band era and right up to this week's releases), PCDJ special pro DJ software, wireless microphone, wired microphone. Although I play 99% of the time from the computer, I bring thousands of CD's as back up just in case. I can definitely rock the house. In fact, it's kind of rare that I really get to crank the equipment all the way up. For most events it's too loud.

Before a wedding, I encourage the bride and groom to meet with me so they'll know who will be playing the music and so we can discuss their vision for their big day.
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Big Band, Rock
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Rock Singers

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