Lost River Cave & Valley

2818 Nashville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Tammy Thompson
Phone: (270) 393-0077
Fax: (270) 393-0076

The Historic Lost River Cave & Valley Ballroom is available for your corporate, civic, or social events. Lost River Cave presents an opportunity for special occasions to be scheduled in a very unique atmosphere.A glimmering crystal chandelier provides a touch of grace and elegance for your guests as they enjoy a memorable night of entertainment or dancing and romancing. Every event seems to recall the era of the Big Band and the heyday of the famous night club once located here.Greet your guests as they walk along the rivers edge, enjoying the moonlight and sounds of nature. Events of any size become legendary when they begin with a ceremony or cocktail party on the bridge or at the Butterfly Habitat. You and your guests become part of the history of the Grand Old Cave.The Event Package provides access to the entire park. The historic bandstand and bar from the 1930's nightclub provide the perfect setting for any gathering.We are able to accommodate as many as 300 seated guests and still have room in the ballroom for dancing. If you are adventurous, you may want your guests to take a boat ride into the cave.
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