The Cookie Chew

PO Box 121736
San Diego, CA 92111

Liz Chou
Phone: (619) 549-8852

The Cookie Chew began with a passion for cookies and a desire for creativity that just couldn't be satisfied in the world of accounting. It's funny how when you're in school you really aren't taught to follow your passions but to pursue what is practical and what will land you the best job when you graduate. For some the two are one and the same, which is fabulous, but for me it just didn't work out that way. There's a certain joy in being able to put down a 10-key and a life behind a computer to picking up a spatula and experimenting with my stand mixer. Yea it's a long jump from accounting to cookies, but I believe in pursuing your passions and having no fear in doing it. "So you can survive on just cookies?" Each day has been an adventure and an incredible learning experience for me. I've learned many lessons not only in baking and starting a small business, but in life and relationships and hard work and how much sleep a person really needs and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. The decision to leave all that was stable and all that I knew my entire working life to jump head first into a batch of cookies was one of the hardest and most scary decisions I've ever had to make, but worth every second. I hope you'll come to love each unique cookie creation as much as I love making them.
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