The Healing Center Hawaii

2752 Woodlawn Drive, #5-110
Honolulu, HI 96822

Deborah Bradley
Phone: (808) 721-7811

ALOHA! Welcome to THE HEALING CENTER HAWAII - we're your NEIGHBORS. We provide alternative health care (emphasis on the CARE) with patience, laughter, understanding and a lot of support for YOU! Call us with a diagnosis from your Physician and we'll give you a free 15-minute consultation to help you understand WHAT'S HURTING and WHY, HOW to help yourself get yourself out of pain (great for these economically difficult times) and WHAT we can do to assist YOUR PROCESS.

We offer personalized manual therapy - it's fast, effective and PAIN-FREE (pain is a sign there's something's wrong - why would someone put you IN PAIN to HELP you?). Quantum Biofeedback is also offered as a healing choice. THE HEALING CENTER HAWAII cares - we supply information, a great deal of FUN and SUPPORT! Our professional medical massage and biofeedback therapies help you MANAGE STRESS and PAIN and give you back YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. Located in the Manoa Marketplace in beautiful Manoa Valley, convenience is our middle name - we'll even come to YOU, if you prefer - let us know how we can help!
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