Warm Stone Thanks

211 Croft St
Greenville, SC 29609

Margaret Love
Phone: (864) 270-1536

People have been so kind. Let us help you thank them! At Warm Stone Thanks, our professional writers will compose your notes, write them, address them, assemble them, stamp them and mail them, and then, let you know that they have been done!

You can download our easy to use spreadsheet for tracking the gifts you’ve received. You can then send the information to us, for us to write notes as you receive gifts, or you can send a completed list once the event has passed. From this list we will write your notes for you, on our cards or yours, and send them to your recipients. You may even include your own personal greetings, easily typed into the spreadsheet, or jotted by hand, and we will include this in the finished note.

Our service is wonderful for those who are faced with writing too many notes in too little time. Don’t delay another day on getting those notes out. We can help!
Invitations / Graphics
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Corporate Event, Marketing - Promotional, Private Party, Wedding
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Contemporary, Formal, Informal, Traditional
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Entire US

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