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Adam Phillips
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When you and your loved one marry, you are entering into a new and exalted state of being together. That is why weddings have been marked with joyous and solemn ceremonies and rituals in every culture since the dawn of time. As a certified celebrant, I am honored to help you to design wedding ceremonies that express your own unique love, commitment and most cherished values. As an ordained multi-faith minister, I am also licensed throughout the United States to officiate on your Big Day. Whether the wedding ceremony is "inter-faith," "spiritual," secular, or some unique combination, I bring knowledge, calm and commitment to the marriage preparation process, leading to a wedding that is meaningful, memorable moving and beautiful for you and all your guests.

Commitment Ceremonies:
Same-sex partners who wish to celebrate their love and commitment to each other in the presence of their families and communities should have the same opportunities as opposite-sex couples to have a bonding ceremony that is meaningful, personal, memorable, authentic and fun. I am honored to help design and officiate at commitment ceremonies that reflect the love and purpose that these couples share.

Vow Renewals:
Couples who have been married or committed to each other for some time often wish to refresh and re-affirm their shared lives and common path with a renewal of vows. Sometimes a significant anniversary is chosen as the proper time. For others, it just "feels right" to strengthen and celebrate the bond when, for example, the children leave home, or when a shared goal has been reached, or a challenge overcome. I can help make these milestone moments memorable, beautiful and complete.
Wedding Officiants
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Event Types:
Ceremony, Corporate Event, Private Party, Wedding
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Officiant Services:
Commitment, Renewal
Unless I am already "booked," I am delighted to make myself available almost anytime.
Pricing Information:
My fees vary according to the number of elements involved, the number of people attending, and the amount of writing, research, preparation and travel that is necessary. Generally, my fees range from about $350 to $1000 or more. I always quote an estimate

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